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January 12, 2007

Back to ‘ol Blighty

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Thursday 14th December

ICBC Update: There is no ICBC update this week.

Well, I have to admit I’m missing my mountains! We’ve been back here since the weekend. The flight was fairly routine until we reached the Shetland Islands (North of Scotland) and hit a patch of turbulence. We dropped a thousand feet and my airline supplied breakfast orange juice suddenly became gravity free in front of my eyes. The remaining half hour of the flight became a bit of a boneshaker with high winds causing our 747 to hit the runway at Heathrow not quite square on and with a bit of a thud.

HSBC – Heathrow Branch

Those of you who’ve had the pleasure of flying into Heathrow will be aware of the holding patterns that aircraft have to maintain before landing. Holding patterns keep the aircraft in a racetrack like loop formation for anything up to 30 minutes before landing. Just as you think you’re about to embark on final decent – the aircraft banks sharply and round you go again…


I reckon that Heathrow has actually turned into a sub branch of HSBC. Their logo adorns virtually every space, wall, departure gate as far as the eye can see.

To do list – update

I’m crossing the “must do’s” off my list one-by-one, and getting to see some friends and family. Yesterday I had my curry with a friend that my partner has known for many years. She came to stay with us in Vancouver last year and is thinking about making the move to Canada too. She has some contacts on Vancouver Island and is considering relocating.

The Peak District


Today we headed north to Manchester, through the Derbyshire countryside. These gently rolling hills are called the Peak District and Buxton one of its towns has a reputation for producing spring water. On a sunny day it’s very beautiful here, but just not today in the English rain and grey light. I spotted an old red telephone box on the side of the road and it reminded me more of BCIT than England. There’s one next to the pub on campus.

Someone has expressed an interest in our Audi A3. Which is great news. They’re supposed to be coming to view it at the weekend. Fingers crossed for that. It would be good not to have to think about it any more. Paying out on the insurance and having to find somewhere to garage it is a bit of a pain.



  1. audi are amazing cars i just wish i had the money to buy one. sniff sniff
    maybe one day but untill then i will have to just make do with the pics

    Comment by Audi car insurance — February 24, 2007 @ 7:32 pm

  2. Paul

    I’d appreciate it if you could drop me an email…

    kellsta at hotmail dot com


    Andrew Kelly

    Comment by Andrew Kelly — December 22, 2009 @ 12:55 am

  3. I checked out the description on your werewolves book on the side. seems similar to urban fantasy writer kim harrison. only all the paranormal nonhuma Click http://getl.eu/?i=justgoo100745

    Comment by jenifershaw82955 — April 9, 2016 @ 11:52 pm

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