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December 3, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

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ICBC Update: My letters from my British insurers have now both arrived, and been hand delivered to ICBC. It’s just a case of waiting for their response. Fingers crossed, hopefully I won’t have to pay any more money – now that’ll be a nice Christmas present!

Lucyloo not looking impressed!

and where do you think you’re going?

The surprise news this week was that BCIT was closed on Monday because of the weather. What a flashback to being a kid! When school closed early and you were sent home. Rarely that happens these days. In London the closest they get to snow is a few flakes that very rapidly turn into rain, and occasionally a centimetre may fall overnight. London, now there’s a thought…

Home for Christmas

In a week or so, I’ll be checking out good old London Town. Yes, that’s right next week I fly polonium 210 class on British Airways back to the UK. I’m actually quite looking forward to it (as I’ve said before). What will be totally different is sitting in the departure lounge at YVR not feeling totally miserable that another holiday in Vancouver has just finished. This time I’ll be back in two little ole weeks, and what makes it even better, no school yay!

The cost of flights at this time of year is crazy. We’ve managed to get a couple of seats out of London a couple of days before Christmas. If we’d have left it any longer, till after Christmas, then the price just seems to double – if not more.

Our family Christmas meals will be in advance of Christmas itself – it’s not ideal but economically necessary. Oh, and we have to get back to relieve our cat-sitter who has his own Christmas to go to. I can guarantee you, Lucy (our cat) will be extremely sulky when we return, completely ignoring us.

Things to do

I’ll have to keep a strict diary for these two weeks, just to ensure I cram everything in, but it will be mainly family time and catching up with friends. In fact I have a list! (Don’t Laugh)

  1. Sell car (interested?)
  2. Have a curry
  3. Have an pizza at Pizza Express
  4. Meet with friends for lunch – rich food, some wine, glug, glug, glug!
  5. Meet with friends for dinner – rich food, some wine, glug, glug, glug! hic!
  6. Christmas shopping
  7. Meet with some more friends for dinner – show me the way to go home…
  8. Christmas Dinner No.1
  9. Meet with some more friends for dinner – god I feel fat!
  10. Christmas Dinner No.2 – oh dear, no more!

Hmmmm seems that there’s a theme here? It looks like me who is being fattened up for Christmas not the turkey. Better make sure I’ve packed some Pepto! When am I gonna find time for those assignments – eek!



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