A new beginning

November 16, 2006

Raining like cats & dogs

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ICBC Update: I’ve just received a perfect letter from one of my UK insurers to present to ICBC – just waiting on the other now. Can’t wait to see what their response will be. Fingers crossed, otherwise I have to pay an extra $500!

Raining Cats & Dogs
Hannah Gluck

If Madonna can write a song about it, I’m sure that I can write 400 odd words that sound fairly interesting about it. Especially since the checkout girl in IGA this morning said “I’m a true Vancouverite, I love the rain”, with a really cheery smile! I just smiled, despite the bottom 3 inches of my jeans mopping the supermarket floor.

It really is chucking it down outside, so much so that rain has started running down on the inside of the window, here where I’m sitting. The condo development that I moved into last month in Lower Lonsdale is only a year old, but the window is obviously faulty. The previous tenant seemed to have made no attempt to let the owner know about the leak and this has resulted in water damage to the dry wall just here next to me. It makes you wonder just how these things get checked out and signed off.

There’s one seasonal change after another that seriously affects the new land (as I’ve heard it called). Rain, usually in the late autumn with leaves on the track that cause absolute chaos in terms of trains cancellations. An inch maybe two of snow that comes in February is the next full stop (wrong kind of snow apparently), I wonder what Calgarians would make if that! It’s not just winter weather that has it’s affect on the British infrastructure; the summer has a good laugh at the Brits expense too. The temperatures of high summer cause roads to melt, I kid you not, and railway lines to buckle. Is Britain a country falling apart?

I really need to think about some good things to say about Britain. I spoke to Daniel the other day and his brother is visiting from Britain – he loves it there. Well I guess 60 million people can’t be wrong, but then again that’s one of the reasons I’m here. Besides I’m due to go back before Christmas for a couple of weeks and am secretly looking forward to it! Can’t wait to have an American with extra cheese at Pizza Express – slurp! and a good old Ruby Murray (oops the sarf lundun in me coming out) when I visit.



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