A new beginning

November 2, 2006

A trip to IKEA

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Blog time again! I can’t believe a week has gone by already. This has been another week full of new stuff, and this mainly means realising that we need some furniture. A desk and chair has become essential as trying to do my assignments sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen is really not working for me anymore.

Halloween took me not trick or treating but down to IKEA in Coquitlam. It was almost completely empty, so the hot shopping tip is, if you want a stress free experience at IKEA, wait until 31st October. Whilst I was looking around, who should I bump into? Nori – enjoying equally stress free shopping. The other surprise of the evening was that virtually everything I wanted was in stock! I don’t know about you, but my trips to IKEA usually end with something missing off my list.

The other thing that occurred to me is that any IKEA that you go to, anywhere in the world, is exactly the same. It’s like you’re using a Star Trek transporter. You start off in IKEA Coquitlam, turn a corner into the sofa section and be in IKEA Croydon (just South of London), then wander through the market place and you’re in IKEA Warrington (close to Manchester). I suppose that this kind of familiarity is a good thing. It certainly works for the big stores. Ever thought about the layout at Superstore or London Drugs? They’re the same too.

My ‘speaker’s corner’ issue of the week is ICBC. Well, not just ICBC but the whole car licensing and insurance thing that goes on here in BC. Coming from the UK, we’re apparently not competent drivers! My first shock was, even though I’ve been driving in the UK for 17 years and possess an accident free driving history, I will be required to retake my driving test! Apparently it’s fine if you’re German, Austrian or South Korean but not if you’re British. After a couple of weeks ranting to my partner I’ve now come to terms with this, so something for me to look forward to in the next few months. To add insult to injury, on Monday I received a letter from ICBC saying that my hard earned 65% no claims discount would not be accepted. The letter I provided them from my insurers in the UK did not say what they wanted, in the way they wanted it, so in true Little Britain style “computer says no”. Oh and by the way, how would I like to pay the increased premium – thank you very much? I have a feeling that ICBC will become an ongoing feature of my Blog!


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